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Date Posted: 05/04/22
Applications Due: 07/05/22
Vacancy ID: 104170

Position Information

AgencyMental Health, Office of

TitleProgram Aide, Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, P22774

Occupational CategoryClerical, Secretarial, Office Aide

Salary Grade13

Bargaining UnitM/C - Management / Confidential (Unrepresented)

Salary RangeFrom $47039 to $59088 Annually

Employment Type Full-Time

Appointment Type Contingent Permanent

Jurisdictional Class Competitive Class

Travel Percentage 0%


Workweek Mon-Fri

Hours Per Week 40


From 6 AM

To 6 PM

Flextime allowed? No

Mandatory overtime? No

Compressed workweek allowed? No

Telecommuting allowed? No


County Queens

Street Address Creedmoor Psychiatric Center

79-25 Winchester Blvd.

City Queens Village


Zip Code11427

Job Specifics

Minimum Qualifications Candidates must be reachable for appointment from the current Civil service eligible list for the title;


Transfer Opportunity - Candidates must have permanent status as a Program Aide, Grade 13, and be eligible for lateral transfer;


be eligible for transfer under Section 70.1 of the Civil Service Law. To qualify for Section 70.1 transfer, candidates must have at least one year of permanent service in a title approved for transfer within two salary grades of the Grade 13 level.


In accordance with Section 52.7 of the Civil Service Law, this notice advises all employees of the Office of Mental Health of our intention to conduct a non-competitive promotion examination for the position of Program Aide at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center. Permanent appointment may be made by non-competitive promotion of an applicant who meets the position’s minimum qualifications if all requirements of non-competitive promotion are met.

The promotion field for the Program Aide consists of Administrative Assistant 1, Office Assistant 1, Office Assistant 1 Keyboarding, Office Assistant 1 Keyboarding SL, Office Assistant 1 SL, Office Assistant 2, Office Assistant 2 Calculations, Office Assistant 2 Keyboarding, Office Assistant 2 Keyboarding SL, Office Assistant 2 SL, Office Assistant 2 Stores/Mail, Office Assistant 1 Stores/Mail, Head Clerk Personnel, Office Assistant 3, Office Assistant 3 Calculations, Office Assistant 3 HR, Treatment Unit Clerk, Treatment Unit Clerk MC.

Duties Description Program Aide performs lower level professional assignments that require specific program knowledge and closely resemble those typically performed by professional staff in the same organization. Assignments are characterized by the application of clear guidelines or precedents, which require basic analysis, review, and decision-making. These duties are distinct from the record-keeping, tracking, office management, and information gathering activities done by Secretaries 1 and 2. Program Aides do not perform a mix of professional duties and secretarial duties, such as distributing incoming correspondence, routing telephone calls, greeting visitors, responding to general questions, or maintaining calendars.

Clerical activities are not characteristic of positions in this class. Any clerical duties performed are incidental and directly related to the professional-level program administrative responsibilities of the organization. The performance of, or the supervision of, clerical work associated with various Office Assistant classes is not characteristic of this title.

Additional Comments Background Investigation Requirements:
Prospective appointees will be: 1) Checked against the Staff Exclusion List (SEL) maintained by the Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs. Prospective employees whose names appear on the SEL as having been found responsible for serious or repeated acts of abuse or neglect will be barred from appointment and may have their names removed from the eligible list(s) for the title(s) if applicable. 2) Investigated through a Criminal Background Check (CBC), that includes State and federal Criminal History Record Checks. All convictions must be reported; conviction of a felony or misdemeanor, or any falsified or omitted information on the prospective appointee’s employment application may bar appointment or result in removal after appointment. Each case will be determined on its own merits, consistent with the applicable provisions of State and federal laws, rules, and regulations. Prospective employees will be fingerprinted in order to obtain a record of their criminal history information, and may be required to pay any necessary fees. 3) Screened against the Statewide Central Register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment (SCR). Prospective employees may be required to pay any necessary fees. Additionally, prospective employees whose names are indicated on the SCR may be barred from appointment.

Additional Comments: This position is eligible for a Downstate Adjustment of $3,026.

Office of Mental Health (OMH) hospital employees must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. OMH does not allow for testing in lieu of vaccination.

Some positions may require additional credentials or a background check to verify your identity.

Contact Information

Name Human Resources


Fax 718-264-3627

Email Address


Street Creedmoor Psychiatric Center

79-25 Winchester Blvd.

City Queens Village

State NY

Zip Code 11427


Notes on ApplyingIndicate the Title and Location of the position you are applying for. Please include your e-mail address on your application and resume. Please complete the Office of Mental Health Employment Application and submit it with your resume and other application materials:

The Mission of the New York State Office of Mental Health is to promote the mental health of all New Yorkers, with a focus on providing hope and supporting recovery for adults with serious mental illness and children with serious emotional disturbances. Applicants with lived mental health experience are encouraged to apply. The Office of Mental Health embraces diversity and promotes a workplace in which individual differences are recognized, appreciated, and respected. The New York State Office of Mental Health is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.