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Date Posted: 12/06/23
Applications Due: 12/20/23
Vacancy ID: 145578

Position Information


AgencyState Comptroller, Office of the

TitleChief Accountant – Item 02560

Occupational CategoryFinancial, Accounting, Auditing

Salary Grade31

Bargaining UnitM/C - Management / Confidential (Unrepresented)

Salary RangeFrom $120187 to $151674 Annually

Employment Type Full-Time

Appointment Type Contingent Permanent

Jurisdictional Class Competitive Class

Travel Percentage 0%


Workweek Mon-Fri

Hours Per Week 37.5


From 8:30 AM

To 4:30 PM

Flextime allowed? No

Mandatory overtime? No

Compressed workweek allowed? No

Telecommuting allowed? Yes


County Albany

Street Address Office of the New York State Comptroller

110 State Street

City Albany


Zip Code12236

Job Specifics

Minimum Qualifications You must be currently reachable on the appropriate eligible list for this title or eligible to transfer to this title under Section 52.6 of the Civil Service Law.

For 52.6 transfer to a Chief Accountant, salary grade (SG)-31, you must have one year of permanent competitive, or 55-b/55-c service in an approved title for transfer allocated to an SG-29 or above.

If approved for transfer appointment, you must also meet the special requirement(s) below:
• 24 credit hours in accounting, auditing, or taxation.

To determine if your current Civil Service title is eligible for transfer to this title, visit the Career Mobility GOT-IT website: Career Mobility Office » GOT-IT (

Appointments via transfer must not result in a second, consecutive transfer with an advancement of more than two S-grades or one M-grade.

Duties Description Bureau direction in the recording and accounting of State financial transactions, including budget authorizations, receipt collections, State payments and cash management.
• Participates in and directly oversees the development of accounting processes to implement legislative provisions contained in annual budget acts and/or chapters enacted during each fiscal year.
• Monitors the development of procedures for the establishment of accounting processes for cash, expenditure, disbursement, contract encumbrances, revenue, receivable, liabilities, reconciliation and internal controls for all State funds and accounts to facilitate complete and accurate reporting of financial resources of the State.
• Assists in providing direction, and makes recommendations for improvement, regarding all State Treasury and sole custody funds, accounting for and maintenance functions related to all tax depository accounts and revenue accounts of the State, and cash management and federal grant billing practices.
• Oversees procedural guidelines to ensure that all State tax revenues and refunds are accounted for in accordance with State consolidated and unconsolidated laws.
• Assists in the development and implementation of guidelines relating to the analysis and review of State (agency-derived) receipts to ensure that moneys are properly and completely accounted for and are credited to State funds or accounts in accordance with State laws.
• Assists in the development and administration of statewide accounting policies and procedures relating to appropriated loans receivable and repayment agreements, fringe benefit and indirect cost assessments, cash advance receivables and temporary loans provided to funds/accounts administered by State agencies.
• Ensures that the provisions set forth by law for the State Comptroller to properly receive, invest, account for and distribute revenues to local governments and school districts are being followed within the parameters established by law.
• Oversees the analysis and daily communication with the Division of Pension, Investments and Debt Management to enable timely management of State or local funds until needed for payments.
• Assists in providing direction, and makes recommendations for improvement, for the analysis, review and execution of cash and reconciliation procedures for the management of federal grant award authorizations and federal drawdown processes.
• Works directly with the State’s independent auditors to develop procedures and auditor tests for federal funds subject to review under the federal Cash Management Improvement Act of 1990 and the Single Audit Act of 1984.
• Participates in the establishment and implementation of accounting guidelines for managing federal funds to ensure full reporting compliance with the terms under which such awards are issued.
• Assists in providing direction, and makes recommendations for improvement, relating to the analysis, review, and execution of procedures to account for State appropriations and special budget legislation.
• Assists in coordinating staff review of the Executive Budget, State Financial Plans, Annual Five-Year Capital Program and Financing Plan, Annual Information Statements, Budget Acts, and budget implementation bills enacted annually by the legislature.
• Provides direction for the establishment of special accounting procedures to account for appropriated loans; appropriation allocations, segregations, interchanges, and transfers; in accordance with State consolidated and unconsolidated laws.
• Assists in coordinating staff activities for the accumulation and release of data for special legislated or ‘ad hoc’ reports to the Division of the Budget, Assembly Ways & Means Committee, Senate Finance Committee, and special interest groups on the status of State appropriated spending.
• Coordinates inter-Section analysis and release of information relating to budget (plan) to actual financial results for State revenues, disbursements, and other financing sources (uses).
• Identifies, analyzes, and reports financial condition issues and trends and communicates results to Division and Department managers to incorporate these results into cash flow, budget, and long-range planning initiatives.
• Coordinates inter-Section review and development of special accounting and reporting procedures relating to debt management and required reserves.
• Reviews and analyzes new and existing State finance-related laws, budget bulletins, and published rules and regulations and identifies impacts to the Bureau.
• Coordinates the inter-Section analysis and accumulation of comments of draft or enacted legislation and discusses substantive issues with fiscal staffs of the Division of the Budget, State agencies, the Legislature and OSC Executives.
• Advocates for certain positions on behalf of the Comptroller, prepares written responses for distribution to interested parties and frequently attends meetings to discuss consequences of new or proposed finance-related legislation.
• Oversees the implementation of Statewide policies for classification of State revenues and expenditures based on knowledge of State finance laws; federal rules and regulations; generally accepted accounting principles; and various bond covenants.
• Proposes and assists in the development of amendments to existing State laws or new legislation aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of government operations or fiscal practices.
• Assists and coordinates research efforts of Bureau staff with regard to the preparation of formal legal opinion requests on matters that have direct fiscal, legislative, accounting policy or budgetary impact.
• Assists in providing direction, and makes recommendations for improvement, regarding the development of controls for all accounting and financial data input into the Statewide Financial System.
• Assists in the development and approval of Bureau procedures and guidelines to ensure SFS compliance with the provisions of the Internal Control Act and standards promulgated by the Comptroller’s Office.
• Provides expert assistance and advice to OSC Internal Control Officer and auditors engaged to perform periodic reviews of Bureau procedures. Prepares responses to audit recommendations and directs the development and implementation of internal control enhancements as necessary.
• Oversees cash accounting controls governing the release of State check payments, payroll direct deposits, electronic payments, and payroll withholdings.
• Assists and provides expert advice relating to the establishment of policies and guidelines designed to ensure that all State payments, investments, and payroll transactions are reconciled to disbursement journals and payroll registers before checks or electronic payments are released.
• Assists by scheduling and coordinating periodic reviews of the Bureau’s internal control policies governing check issuances and maintenance of payment files used for check issuances. and electronic payments to assess the effectiveness of internal controls.
Bureau Administration.
• Performs a variety of administration functions, as assigned by the Bureau Director, related to the State Accounting Operations Bureau.
• Directs a staff of professional accounting and administrative support staff in accomplishing the Bureau’s mission.
• Coordinates personnel activities for the Bureau. Oversees the interview process of candidates and serves as the liaison with Shared Services on staffing needs.
• Coordinates the completion of employee performance appraisals and reviews and approves appraisals prepared by Bureau section managers.
• Directly responsible for scheduling and coordinating staff development training activities and evaluating future training initiatives for Bureau staff. Ensures that employee skillsets are evaluated and updated to meet the diverse and dynamic needs of the Bureau and the Comptroller’s Office in general.
• Assists the Bureau Director in ensuring adherence to Division and Bureau timetables and deadlines, many of which are statutorily mandated in the State Constitution, Consolidated and Unconsolidated State Laws, or federal laws.
• Attends and provides expert assistance at various conferences and meetings related to governmental finances, administration of federal grant funds or specific matters/issues of interest to the Comptroller’s Office, Legislature, Executive, or State agency Commissioners or their designees.
• Provides ongoing expert technical assistance and advice on matters of governmental accounting and reporting, cash management, debt management, budgeting, and fiscal planning to State agencies, managers in the Comptroller’s Office, legislative officials, and the Executive.
• Provides expert assistance in scheduling and coordinating the preparation, implementation, and integration of the Bureau’s Strategic and Key Performance Measurement, Workforce Management and Training, Business Continuity and Contingency and Disaster Recovery Plans.
• Conducts or oversees training of State agency fiscal staff, Division of the Budget examiners and legislative fiscal/research personnel.
• Participates in directing activities, plans, policies, and efforts of all Bureau staff to provide reasonable assurances to management relating to the effectiveness and efficiency of operations; reliability of financial data and reports; and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
• Responsible for coordinating, monitoring, and reporting spending against amounts budgeted for Bureau personal service and operational needs. Makes recommendations to the Director for changes needed in Bureau budget plan and works to implement revisions to ensure that spending is within planned amounts.

Additional Comments Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
• Bachelor’s degree in accounting.
• Strong governmental accounting knowledge.
• Supervisory experienced required.
• Experience dealing with State agencies, OSC Divisions/Bureaus and external stakeholders.
• Experience with large accounting systems and implementations.
• Ability to work independently.
• Ability to meet deadlines.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
The Office of the New York State Comptroller (OSC) supports telecommuting where it is reasonable to do so based upon the agency’s mission and operational needs. Generally, employees new to OSC will be restricted from telecommuting for at least 8 calendar weeks. After the initial 8 calendar week restriction, if an employee’s duties and work performance are aligned with telecommuting they may be allowed to do so. Upon approval to telecommute, OSC employees may telecommute up to 5 days per pay period.

Some positions may require additional credentials or a background check to verify your identity.

Contact Information

Name Corinne Slycord

Telephone (518) 474-1924

Fax (518) 486-6723

Email Address


Street Office of Human Resources

110 State Street, 12th Floor

City Albany

State NY

Zip Code 12236


Notes on ApplyingSubmit a clear, concise cover letter and resume stating how you meet the above minimum qualifications to, no later than December 20, 2023. Documents must be sent as unlocked and accessible attachments.

Reference Item #02560-CMS in the subject line of your email and on your cover letter for proper routing.

If you have questions about this vacancy, please contact this Division representative:
Division contact: Melissa Clayton,
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