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Date Posted: 09/10/21
Applications Due: 09/20/21
Vacancy ID: 91121

Position Information

AgencyMotor Vehicles, Department of

TitleContract Management Specialist 3

Occupational CategoryAdministrative or General Management

Salary Grade27

Bargaining UnitPS&T - Professional, Scientific, and Technical (PEF)

Salary RangeFrom $90375 to $111316 Annually

Employment Type Full-Time

Appointment Type Permanent

Jurisdictional Class Competitive Class

Travel Percentage 0%


Workweek Mon-Fri

Hours Per Week 37.5


From 8 AM

To 5 PM

Flextime allowed? Yes

Mandatory overtime? No

Compressed workweek allowed? No

Telecommuting allowed? No


County Albany

Street Address 6 Empire State Plaza

Swan Street Building

City Albany


Zip Code12228

Job Specifics

Minimum Qualifications Current NYS employees with one year of permanent service in a G-27/M2 title or higher eligible for transfer under Section 52.6 of the Civil Service Law, or reachable on the Contract Management Specialist 3 eligible list.

Duties Description The duties include, but are not limited to the following:

Manages the preparation, evaluation and contract development process for all DMV RFP’s, working closely with regulatory bureaus as needed.

Directs subordinate staff in the review, evaluation of all procurements, and contracts developed and administered by the Agency and in all activities related to the Agency’s contracts and payment system. Provides technical assistance in developing clear statements of need for goods, services and/or technology.

Establishes a system for determining a proper procurement vehicle (e.g. contract, purchase order, statewide contract, procurement card, etc.)

Participates with the Director in the development of the policies and operating procedures under which the bureau will function and under which contracts will be administered, and payments fir services delivered will be authorized.

Oversees and/or develops descriptions with quantifiable standards, of the required specifications, budget, policy guidelines and procedures governing contract performance.

Establishes a reasonable process for ensuring a competitive vendor field for each procurement.

Manages the bid process to ensure that it is in compliance with all requirements of the RFP process and provide a fair and equal opportunity for bidders to submit responsive proposals.

Coordinates and reviews the evaluation of RFP proposals to ensure a balanced, consistent and fair method of negotiating and awarding of contracts that includes all relevant factors.

Ensures that contract procurements are in compliance with control agencies, such as OGS, DOB, OSC, and the AG’s office.

Supervises the maintenance of official procurement records that document decision in the procurement process. Monitor all ongoing contracts including management information reporting, payouts, and end-product or deliverable evaluation.

Reviews and/or develops sensitive and complex contracts with consideration given to potential conflicts of interest, confidentiality issues, company trade secrets and antitrust concerns as well as appropriate limitations of liability and contractor indemnification.

Supervises the development and maintenance of systems to monitor and track all contracts for compliance with contract terms and conditions and federal and state laws, rules, regulations and policies; program development; fiscal assessment; and payment.

Reviews and monitors contract costs, assessments and payments.

Reviews the audits and processing of contract claims; assesses potential problem areas which could affect programmatic decisions and that may be adverse to agency objectives and policy. Ensures effective vendor/customer relationship management.

Reviews and approves reports on contract related findings and fiscal management.

Provides supervisory oversight for contract administration, policies and procedures.

Provides information to management, legislative officials and program staff on funding levels, contract matters, fiscal monitoring and other related areas. Prepares reports, both written and oral, providing justification and/or recommendations as appropriate.

Reviews procurement procedures and internal control systems to pinpoint internal problems and implements changes for corrective action to ensure smooth operations.

Oversees the maintenance and monitoring of contracts for consultants services staff. Receive and review consultant’s time records and verify that the hours worked match the invoices received and forward to Purchase for payment.

Represents the department at meetings with Finance, Administration and DMV staff to provide status reports on procurement and personnel issues. Provides advice, recommendations, options and alternatives to program managers and administrators on all fiscal matters relative to DMV responsibilities.

Oversees the DMV leasing program. Will oversee see a staff that will work with OGS and DMV program staff to ensure all leases meet DMVs needs and are procured within OGS and other state guidelines. The program also ensures that all landlords meet the expectations as outlined in the lease documents.

Performs administrative duties such as; assisting program managers with employee relations issues including counseling, budget preparation and monitoring, problem-solving activities and committee participation, developing or assisting in training guidelines to ensure staff has the knowledge, skills and abilities to complete assignments.

Performs all supervisory duties including, monitoring attendance and leave provisions, preparing performance programs and evaluations, counseling employees, and preparing probationary reports.

Some positions may require additional credentials or a background check to verify your identity.

Contact Information

Name Lisa Anson



Email Address


Street 6 Empire State Plaza

Swan Street Building

City Albany

State NY

Zip Code 12228


Notes on ApplyingSend a cover letter and resume describing your interest and specific experience pertaining to the duties described above, including your permanent title and current assignment. These should be sent to the below contact no later than close of business on September 20, 2021.