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Date Posted: 10/06/21
Applications Due: 10/22/21
Vacancy ID: 92443

Position Information

AgencyMental Health, Office of

TitleAdministrative Assistant 1 / Trainee (Former Secretary 1), New York Psychiatric Institute, P21912

Occupational CategoryClerical, Secretarial, Office Aide

Salary GradeNS

Bargaining UnitASU - Administrative Services Unit (CSEA)

Salary RangeFrom $35528 to $51410 Annually

Employment Type Full-Time

Appointment Type Permanent

Jurisdictional Class Competitive Class

Travel Percentage 0%


Workweek Mon-Fri

Hours Per Week 40


From 8 AM

To 5 PM

Flextime allowed? No

Mandatory overtime? No

Compressed workweek allowed? No

Telecommuting allowed? No


County New York

Street Address New York Psychiatric Institute

1051 Riverside Drive

City New York


Zip Code10032

Job Specifics

Minimum Qualifications Candidates must be reachable on the Civil Service eligible list for Secretary 1, Grade 11.


Transfer Opportunity:
Candidates must have at least one year of permanent competitive or 55-b/55-c service in a title eligible for transfer to Administrative Assistant Trainee 1 or 2, NS, or Administrative Assistant 1, Grade 11, under Section 70.1 of the Civil Service Law.

As an Administrative Assistant Trainee, you would participate in a 2 year traineeship. Trainees will be required to take four mandatory core administrative support courses the first year of the traineeship and four elective administrative support courses in the second year of the traineeship in four administrative support competency areas through the CSEA Partnership, or equivalent offerings through another entity as determined by the agency. At the successful conclusion of your traineeship with completion of all eight administrative support courses, candidates would advance without further examination to Administrative Assistant 1, Grade 11.

Please note: Candidates who have not previously served in a keyboarding title must demonstrate adequate keyboarding skills (i.e. the ability to type 30 words per minute with at least 96% accuracy) by passing the Keyboard Specialist performance test.

Duties Description As an Administrative Assistant 1, you would ensure the efficient operation of an office by performing a wide range of administrative tasks related to correspondence, files, and calendar management; work coordination; customer service; fielding of questions; information gathering; and compilation of reports. Specific duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Prepare correspondence, reports and other documents utilizing software such as Microsoft Office.

• Set up and manage paper and electronic filing systems.

• Create, maintain, and enter information into databases.

• Maintain scheduling and event calendar. Schedule and confirm appointments for clients, customers, or supervisors.

• Complete forms in accordance with agency procedures.

• Review work done by others to check for correct spelling and proper grammar, ensure that office format policies are followed, and recommends revisions.

• Make copies of various documents, place them in proper files, and distribute them to appropriate staff.

• Open, review, sort and distribute the mail in accordance with staff assignments. Review incoming correspondence and establish follow-up deadlines.

• Respond to incoming calls, respond to questions concerning policies or procedures, and refer calls to appropriate staff member for technical information.

• Maintain inventory of office supplies and arrange for office equipment maintenance and service.

• Perform other clerical and secretarial duties as necessary.

Additional Comments Prospective appointees will be: 1) Checked against the Staff Exclusion List (SEL) maintained by the Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs. Prospective employees whose names appear on the SEL as having been found responsible for serious or repeated acts of abuse or neglect will be barred from appointment and may have their names removed from the eligible list(s) for the title(s) if applicable. 2) Investigated through a Criminal Background Check (CBC), which includes State and federal Criminal History Record Checks. All convictions must be reported; conviction of a felony or misdemeanor, or any falsified or omitted information on the prospective appointee’s employment application, may bar appointment or result in removal after appointment. Each case will be determined on its own merits, consistent with the applicable provisions of State and federal laws, rules, and regulations. Prospective employees will be fingerprinted in order to obtain a record of their criminal history information and may be required to pay any necessary fees. 3) Screened against the Statewide Central Register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment (SCR). Prospective employees may be required to pay any necessary fees. Additionally, prospective employees whose names are indicated on the SCR may be barred from appointment.


This position is eligible for a down state adjustment of $3,026.
Additional Comments:

Salary Range listed encompasses the hiring rate of an Administrative Assistant Trainee 1 (NS) through the job rate of an Administrative Assistant 1 (Grade 11).
Administrative Assistant Trainee 1 (NS = Grade 8): $35528
Administrative Assistant Trainee 2 (NS = Grade 10: $39,653
Administrative Assistant 1 (Grade 11): $41,953- $51,410

Some positions may require additional credentials or a background check to verify your identity.

Contact Information

Name Human resources


Fax 212-795-0786

Email Address


Street New York Psychiatric Institute

1051 Riverside Drive

City New York

State NY

Zip Code 10032


Notes on ApplyingIndicate the Title and Location of the position you are applying for. Please complete the Office of Mental Health Employment Application and submit it with your resume and other application materials.

The Mission of the New York State Office of Mental Health is to promote the mental health of all New Yorkers, with a focus on providing hope and supporting recovery for adults with serious mental illness and children with serious emotional disturbances. Applicants with lived mental health experience are encouraged to apply. The Office of Mental Health embraces diversity and promotes a workplace in which individual differences are recognized, appreciated, and respected. The New York State Office of Mental Health is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.