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Review Vacancy

Date Posted 09/06/18

Applications Due09/20/18

Vacancy ID58661

AgencyState Comptroller, Office of the

TitleState Program Examiner 1 - Item #01590 (2 positions)

Occupational CategoryFinancial, Accounting, Auditing

Salary Grade18

Bargaining UnitPS&T - Professional, Scientific, and Technical (PEF)

Salary RangeFrom $45455 to $71980 Annually

Employment Type Full-Time

Appointment Type Contingent Permanent

Jurisdictional Class Competitive Class

Travel Percentage 20%

Workweek Mon-Fri

Hours Per Week 37.50


From 8 AM

To 4 PM

Flextime allowed? No

Mandatory overtime? No

Compressed workweek allowed? Yes

Telecommuting allowed? No

County Albany

Street Address 110 State Street

City Albany


Zip Code12236

Minimum Qualifications Candidates must be reachable on the Decentralized State Program Examiner Trainee 1 or Trainee 2 list or be a current NYS employee eligible for transfer under Section 70.4 of the Civil Service Law OR

Must be eligible for transfer to the State Program Examiner 1 title under Section 52.6 or Section 70.1 of the Civil Service Law.

To be eligible for transfer under Section 52.6 or 70.1, candidates must have one year of permanent competitive service in a title allocated to grade 16 or higher.

To be eligible to transfer under Section 70.4 to a State Program Examiner Trainee 1 a candidate must:
• Have one year of permanent, competitive service allocated to grade 12 or higher,
• Meet the open competitive minimum qualifications of the position, and
• Have standing on the open competitive decentralized exam list #20-722.

Duties Description Audit of State Agencies, Programs and Authorities.
• Developing audit ideas and objectives.
• Developing program steps to support objectives (e.g., audit filters, audit programs, team processes).
• Selecting high risk transactions for audit (e.g., creating filters in various systems to identify high risk transactions for audit).
• Researching criteria (e.g., contracts, laws, rules and regulations, guidelines) and testing transactions to determine if the agency complied with the applicable criteria.
• Obtaining and reviewing supporting evidence to determine if transactions are appropriate and free from fraud, waste and other abuse.
• Interviewing agency officials to obtain testimonial evidence, which may include determining how the agency deemed transactions to be appropriate and gaining an understanding of the agency’s internal controls.
• Evaluating agency processes to identify why inappropriate transactions were approved.
• Communicating information to team, SPEII and management.
• Using computer-assisted auditing tools and techniques across various platforms to meet audit objectives. This includes developing user story ideas to identify inappropriate transactions in an efficient and effective manner and identifying new data sets that can be used to identify inappropriate transactions.
• Preparing audit working papers, which includes documenting meeting minutes, analysis and methodologies.
• Documenting audit results to share with the auditee (e.g., writing preliminary audit findings, letters, and audit reports).
• Discussing findings with auditee representatives, and participating in exit and entrance conferences.

Special Projects.
• Assessing program risks for planning potential audits.
• Working on special projects or audit research efforts.
• Assisting in a variety of other areas supporting the audit work.

• Audit Concept – Candidate must: understand and embrace the concept of skepticism; embrace team concepts; be detail oriented; and show aptitude for organizing and analyzing data. Prior experience in auditing or with audit-related concepts is a plus.
• Communication – Candidate must: listen effectively; effectively answer questions; speak in a positive, professional tone; confidently speak about accomplishments/likes/dislikes/frustrations; and demonstrate ability to problem solve effectively.
• Leadership – Candidate must: demonstrate ability to overcome obstacles; willingly take on challenges and effect change; demonstrate ability for problem solving; understand basic problem solving concepts; understand own role/responsibility within a team.
• Self-Development – Candidate must be: receptive to improvement opportunities; enthusiastic about training opportunities; interested in career growth; and able to learn quickly from mistakes
• Technology – Candidate must: display an aptitude for computer fundamentals; appear familiar with Microsoft applications and Internet resources; and adapt well to technological change
• Work Ethic – Candidate must appear energetic and enthusiastic, interested in this particular position and not just a “state” job, professional and intelligent. Candidate must effectively articulate life goals and goals in line with the auditing position and demonstrate initiative.

Some positions may require additional credentials or a background check to verify your identity.

Name Jackie Carter

Telephone (518) 408-2931

Fax (518) 486-6723

Email Address


Street 110 State Street

City Albany

State NY

Zip Code 12236


Notes on ApplyingInterested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to no later than September 20, 2018. Please reference Items #01590 &# 01591– GOER-JDC when responding.

When responding, please include the reference number and letters listed in this section. The Vacancy ID# should not be included.

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