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Date Posted 09/15/21

Applications Due09/25/21

Vacancy ID91275

AgencyAttorney General, Office of the

TitleProgram Aide

Occupational CategoryClerical, Secretarial, Office Aide

Salary Grade13

Bargaining UnitASU - Administrative Services Unit (CSEA)

Salary RangeFrom $43406 to $52870 Annually

Employment Type Full-Time

Appointment Type Contingent Permanent

Jurisdictional Class Competitive Class

Travel Percentage 0%

Workweek Mon-Fri

Hours Per Week 37.50


From 8:30 AM

To 5 PM

Flextime allowed? No

Mandatory overtime? No

Compressed workweek allowed? No

Telecommuting allowed? Yes

County Albany

Street Address Justice Building

Albany Claims Bureau

City Albany


Zip Code12224

Minimum Qualifications Reachable on the Department of Civil Service list for Program Aide, permanent or contingent permanent status as a Program Aide, or eligible for transfer.

Duties Description • Identify cases subject to OAG’s Medicare Compliance
• Gather pedigree data and case party data in all personal injuries (including emotional) cases in which a payment is being made pursuant to COC-20a or POL-17 and conduct search in Medicare systems to determine Medicare eligibility of appropriate parties.
• Enter all pertinent pedigree and case party data into NYMatters for OAG’s Medicare Query and Claim submissions to the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
• Gather information in response to multiple yearly audits for client agencies and prepare response to A&O.
• Analyze and coordinate responses to incoming FOIL requests directed (nominally) to the Albany Claims Bureau.
• Analyze FOIL requests properly directed to the Litigation Bureau and identify, gather, and review responsive documents.
• Identify issues in NYMatters regarding data, document entry and provide proposed solutions.
• Manage Albany Claims and Albany Litigation’s compliance with SARA and the OAG Records Retention policy by administering the coding, movement, archiving, retention and destruction of litigation records.
• Administer HotDocs, its network interface and consistency.
• Administer all IT dependent services, involving the H drive and all applications, including account creation and deletion.
• Manage the administration of the Fleet program – a Statewide program handled by Albany Claims.
• Create new loss file for every motor vehicle accident statewide involving a NYS employee.
• Maintenance and update of Fleet case records.
• Identify cases where there is also pending court litigation and ensure coordination with Fleet.
• Ensure all appropriate signatures are gathered for all Investigative Outcome Reports and Payment Authorization Requests.
• Liaison to Cool Risk, OGS-Fleet Management and OAG staff for all Fleet cases.
• Identify procedural issues in administrative process and propose solutions.
• Assist with the integration of Fleet cases into NYMatters.
• Gather data and prepare an Affidavit of No Service requested by AAGs to support that state’s defense in litigated cases.
• Conduct search of electronic case management system and examination of other OAG resources to ascertain whether service was effectuated upon the OAG.
• Scrutinize and summarize findings of mismatched case records; thereafter ensuring records are appropriately updated and communicate findings to supervisor and appropriate OAG staff.
• Perform other duties as assigned.

Additional Comments Candidates from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply. The OAG is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to workplace diversity.

Some positions may require additional credentials or a background check to verify your identity.

Name Gregory Driscoll

Telephone (518) 776-2500

Fax (518) 915-7754

Email Address


Street NYS Office of the Attorney General

The Capitol

City Albany

State NY

Zip Code 12224


Notes on ApplyingPlease return cover letter and current resume to Please include Vacancy ID# 91275 in the subject line.

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