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Date Posted: 10/19/21
Applications Due: 11/02/21
Vacancy ID: 93054

Position Information

AgencyBoard of Elections

TitleChief Information Officer (CIO)

Occupational CategoryI.T. Engineering, Sciences

Salary GradeNS

Bargaining UnitM/C - Management / Confidential (Unrepresented)

Salary RangeFrom $0 to $0 Annually

Employment Type Full-Time

Appointment Type Permanent

Jurisdictional Class Exempt Class

Travel Percentage 10%


Workweek Mon-Fri

Hours Per Week 37.5


From 9 AM

To 5 PM

Flextime allowed? No

Mandatory overtime? No

Compressed workweek allowed? No

Telecommuting allowed? No


County Albany

Street Address 40 N. Pearl Street, 5th Floor

City Albany


Zip Code12207

Job Specifics

Minimum Qualifications Either 1. a bachelor’s or higher level degree in any field including or supplemented by 15 semester credit hours in computer science AND six years of experience in the following computer related areas, including three years of supervisory experience or two years of managerial experience in: computer programming; network, server, storage, and systems management; telecommunications, IT customer support and training; computer installation, diagnosis, and repair; technical writing; computer security; knowledge management; database administration, design, and management; internet/intranet development, design, and maintenance; information technology project management; design and development of geographic information systems or computer aided drafting applications; computer programming; business/systems analysis; program design; or program testing;
Or 2. a bachelor’s or higher level degree in any field AND seven years of experience in computer related areas as described in #1 above, including three years of supervisory experience, or two years of managerial experience;
Or 3. an associate’s degree* with 15 semester credit hours in a computer science field AND eight years of experience in computer related areas as described in #1 above, including three years of supervisory experience, or two years of managerial experience;
Or 4. Nine years of experience in computer related areas as described in #1 above, including three years of supervisory experience, or two years of managerial experience.
Definition: Supervisory Experience is defined as the responsibility for assigning work and overseeing subordinate staff or project(s) in an Information Technology (IT) environment.
Managerial Experience is defined as the responsibility for determining and prioritizing the workload of a project, program, or organization in an Information Technology (IT) environment, including supervision of subordinate staff, and ensuring compliance with related goals, budget, and laws in conjunction with other managers or executive level staff.
*Candidates who have completed at least 60 college semester hours in a bachelor’s degree program, including at least 15 semester credit hours in a computer science field, also qualify, but must meet the experience requirements as described in #3 above.

Preferred Qualifications:
• Strong executive leadership and interpersonal skills
• Strong project management experience
• Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects/initiatives simultaneously
• Strong technical knowledge of enterprise-level systems/infrastructure
• Excellent written and verbal communications skills
• Ability to plan, coordinate and direct multiple teams, projects, and activities
• Strong analytical, problem solving, and conceptual skills
• Ability to work in cross-functional team environment
• Ability to translate technical information into easily understood information

Duties Description The New York State Board of Elections (SBOE) is seeking to fill the position of agency Chief Information Officer (CIO). Under the direction of the Board’s Commissioners, and reporting directly to the SBOE Co-Executive Directors, this executive-level position provides strategic leadership, guidance, and oversight of the Board’s internal Information Technology Unit (ITU) and the newly-established Secure Elections Center, providing enhanced cyber-security and operational support to the SBOE and New York State’s County Board of Elections (CBOE’s).
With heightened visibility and concern surrounding the security and integrity of elections within the United States and the confirmed influence by nation-state actors, New York State has taken a leadership position to improve the cyber-security posture of its state and county-based elections systems. Key to this initiative is the establishment of the NYS Secure Elections Center under the Board of Elections, providing essential and collaborative cyber-security support services and guidance to resource-challenged local governments. The Chief Information Officer position and associated support team, including the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), are essential in leading this initiative and ensuring its success.
Duties of this position include, but are not limited to:
• As a key member of the agency’s leadership team, the CIO participates in strategic planning for agency initiatives and the delivery of technology in support of those initiatives and the agency’s mission.
• Understand SBOE strategic and fiscal goals, and align IT activities to meet these goals.
• Provide leadership, direction, and oversight of the NYS Secure Election Center, including direct support to NYS County Board of Elections (CBOE’s), County IT organizations, as well as, coordination of resources across multiple divisions of SBOE (IT, Public Information and Election Operations) to improve the security of elections systems within NYS.
• Work effectively and communicate with all levels of SBOE and CBOE staff including commissioners, management, stakeholders, team members, SME’s, end-users, subordinates, and peers.
• Represent the Board to other federal, state and local agencies with respect to IT and cyber-security issues/initiatives, including status inquiries and testimony, as required, to Executive and Legislative bodies.
• Serves as representative for New York State to the federal Elections Infrastructure Information Sharing Analysis Center (EI-ISAC). Reviewing, annotating, and forwarding any applicable communications to state and county BOE’s.
• Act as primary liaison to the NYS Office of IT Services (ITS) and Enterprise Information Security Office (EISO) for the Board.
• Attend and provide reports to the State Board’s Commissioners regarding current projects and respond to inquiries from same.
• Oversee and participate in development, revision and communication of IT policies and procedures covering SBOE and CBOE’s.
• Stay abreast of election reform issues/initiatives, reviewing legislation and providing agency leadership with guidance and recommendations on potential IT impact. Work directly with agency counsel to interpret new/potential legislation and other agency divisions define system changes and operational impact.
• Remain current on potential threats to elections infrastructure and work with internal and 3rd party resources to mitigate or minimize risks to state and county BOE elections systems.
• Monitor current and emerging technologies that could potentially benefit the agency and/or CBOE’s, providing recommendations to leadership.
• Maintain short-term and long-term plans for proactively maintaining and improving agency technological resources to ensure uninterrupted operations.
• Review and provide approval/recommendations to requests submitted by agency program and specialty supervisors for acquisition of hardware, software, and professional services.
• Serves as liaison with various vendors, monitoring compliance with contracts for services, ensuring delivery of services, and working to resolve problems as needed.
• Prepare the annual Information Technology budget, including the baseline “Keep-the-Lights-On” maintenance/licensing components, as well as recommendations for staff enrichment and technology/security improvements for SBOE and CBOE’s.
• Assign work to subordinate managers, monitoring project progress, reviewing major staff initiatives/products, and make recommendations as appropriate.
• Work with subordinates to assure the compatibility of all initiatives and acquisitions and recommends alternate solutions if required.
• Review all new requests for IT services, conferring with subordinates as required, and approving development plans and schedules submitted by managers and supervisors.
• Assure that the Information Technology Unit is adequately staffed and trained, allocating resources across multiple teams and projects as needed to maximize efficiency, minimize delays, and adapt to changes in priorities.
• Provide evaluation and development of enrichment plans for all existing staff, as well as, providing agency leadership with recommendations for maintaining baseline levels of support and resource estimates to support upcoming/new initiatives.
• Assist in development of solicitation documents (RFI, RFP, HBITS, PBITS, etc.) as needed for procurement of IT resources (hardware, software, and services), and monitor vendor compliance after acquisition.
• Prepare and deliver written and oral reports highlighting or explaining IT projects and initiatives.
• Direct meetings of agency management, developers, project teams, users, and vendors to discuss agency goals, project plans and specific projects.

Additional Comments This position is for employment with the New York State Board of Elections (SBOE) in Albany, NY. The State Board of Elections works with, but is independent from, the NYS Office of IT Services (ITS).

We offer extensive benefits package including paid leave, excellent health, dental, vision and retirement benefits.

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Contact Information

Name Thomas Jarose

Telephone 518-473-0078

Fax 518-474-1008

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Street 40 N. Pearl Street, 5th Floor

City Albany

State NY

Zip Code 12207


Notes on ApplyingTo apply, please send resume and cover letter no later than November 2, 2021. Be sure to indicate the title and posting number for which you are applying. New York State is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE)